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Guiding You Every Step of the Way

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Divorce is never easy. Let us guide you through one of the most difficult and emotionally trying events you will ever experience. We will protect your most critical relationships and financial well-being. We will support and advise you through the whole process. We help you make the right decisions now so that your future can look bright and hopeful.

How much will it cost to hire Schriever Law?


-The cost of getting a divorce in Utah can vary widely depending on the complexity of your case, whether it’s contested, and additional fees like attorney charges, court costs, and other related expenses. Hiring an attorney is an investment that will return value to you in terms of time with your children, finances and peace of mind.

At Schriever Law Firm, we offer two billing options crafted with your unique circumstances in mind: Hourly Billing and Flat-Fee Billing for all divorce and family law cases.

Hourly Billing: Flexibility Tailored to Your Journey – Our Hourly Billing option is advantageous when your case requires a personalized touch or when the trajectory is somewhat uncertain. We meticulously work through each detail of your situation, providing value where it is needed most. Your commitment to your children and your future is mirrored in our commitment to providing transparent, detailed invoices, ensuring you are well-informed of how our time is devoted to advocating for you.


Suited for complex cases that demand extensive time and nuanced attention.

– Offers flexibility to navigate through unexpected developments.


Can be potentially costlier in complicated or protracted cases.

Flat-Fee Billing: Clarity and Certainty in Turbulent Times – For those who seek transparent, upfront clarity on legal expenses, our Flat-Fee Billing model provides a steadfast rock amidst the tides of change. With this approach, a one-time fee covers all the legal services related to your case, offering you financial predictability and one less uncertainty on your plate.


– Offers financial certainty with a one-time, straightforward fee.

– Ensures you are not financially penalized for a prolonged process.


– May not be suited for highly complex cases with unpredictable variables.

Choosing a billing model becomes a less daunting task with our devoted team by your side. Your concerns, your questions, and your uncertainties are our priority. Regardless of the billing model you opt for, at Schriever Law Firm, our unwavering support for you, your children, and your future never wavers.

It’s more than just a case. It’s your family, your future, and our commitment to guiding you through one of the most difficult experiences of your life, ensuring that the next chapter for you and your children is one of hopeful possibilities.


How much does Schriever Law charge for a consultation fee?

The consultation fee for you to discuss your family law case with a Schriever Law attorney is $300. We are committed to providing superior customer service and attention to detail. For us to do that, we have to be selective in the clients we choose. In our experience, a client’s willingness to pay a consultation fee is directly related to the client’s willingness to invest in the success of their own case. Being selective means we have the resources to deliver high-quality service and top-tier legal representation. 

What type of family law cases do you handle?

Our family law attorneys at Schriever Law provide expert legal representation in all cases dealing with family and domestic relationships. This includes:



Child Custody


& Much More

Is Hiring A Utah Divorce Attorney Worth It?

We know this is a tough and stressful time. Choosing to hire our team means having dedicated advocates at your side. The best thing you can do to make sure you get things done right and ensure a fair outcome is to have us in your corner. It is critical for you to make the best decisions possible for you and your family. We’re here to take care of the stressful aspects of your divorce and remove uncertainty from your future. 


Divorce FAQ

We know getting divorced brings new situations to tackle. Below are some frequently asked questions our family lawyers have answered.

How do I get divorced?

How do child custody and visitation work?

What are the child support laws in Utah?

How is property and debt distributed during divorce?

How does alimony and spousal support work in Utah?

Can I get an annulment?

What Our Clients Have to Say

The ethical commitment and quality of service at the Schriever Law Firm was reminiscent of the quality of service that was offered in the law firm where I practiced. As a former lawyer, law professor, and law dean, I offer my highest recommendation for the firm. They provide quality service, great decency, and clearly have a command of the areas of law in which they practice.

Rodney S

I couldn’t have worked with a more compassionate, personable, and levelheaded person. My situation was difficult and painful and Ryan helped reassure me that the decisions I was making were thought out and fair, and allowed me to take my time to ensure I felt right about the direction I was heading. Working with Ryan felt more like working with a friend than a lawyer. I feel lucky to have been put in contact with Ryan.

Ashley T.

Their service is top notch and accomplished my case impeccably! I appreciated the scheduled check in calls. Then you don’t feel like your bugging them by checking in on updates. An email is sent to schedule, you decide date and time your available on their calendar. They check back and confirm. Then Ryan’s calls you as scheduled. Loved that!

Melissa F.